Punishments for Cell Phone Tickets in NY

It is never a good idea to use a cell phone while driving.  Whether you are talking or texting, there are penalties. While safety is one concern, also consider punishments for cell phone tickets in NY.  

Adults and Cell Phone Tickets

Some people believe only teens and young adults engage in distracted driving, but adults often do it, too.  If this is your first offense, expect to pay between $50 and $200 in fines. In addition to the fine, expect a surcharge.  This can range up to $93.

Like most driving offenses, subsequent offenses will cost more.  If your second conviction occurs within 18 months, the fine can be up to $250.  A third offense can cost you up to $450.

Convictions will also result in driver violation points on your driver’s license.  

Young People and Cell Phone Tickets

A young person is not as experienced at driving as an older driver.  The penalties for cell phone use are more severe for individuals with learner’s permits and junior licenses.

Your first conviction will result in losing your permit or license for 120 days.  If your permit or license is eventually restored, and you receive a second conviction, it will be revoked for at least a year.

Lawyers in NYC

New York State is serious about cell phone use while driving.  Considering the traffic conditions and pedestrians, it can be much more serious in the city than in rural areas.  If you have made the mistake of using a cell phone while behind the wheel, get in touch with a traffic ticket lawyer in New York City as soon as you receive a ticket.

It can be difficult to manage your everyday life when you lose your driving privileges.  However, you should also consider the potential consequences of distracted driving due to cell phones.  When you text or talk, your driving does not have your undivided attention. You could cause an accident, hit pedestrians, or drive off the road.

If you are lucky, you have not caused any harm with distracted driving.  With help from a lawyer, you can start to make changes in your driving habits.  Your lawyer will take all the facts into consideration, so you can look forward to driving again.

Driving and Your Future

In New York City and throughout the state, call a traffic ticket lawyer immediately if you receive a ticket for using your cell phone.  You will know your rights and your obligations.

Teen drivers and adults alike should make safe driving their #1 priority.  Think of everything you learned in your Driver’s Education class, whether it was recently or many years ago.  There is no one, regardless of age, for whom cell phone use is safe or legal. Even adults who have been driving for decades cannot afford to take risks.

Your future and your life can depend on avoiding cell phone use while driving.  It can affect other people’s futures and lives, too. If you have received a ticket, call a lawyer for advice and assistance.