Understanding the Lawyers on Retainer Concept


Do you really understand what it means to have a lawyer on retainer? To be honest, there are thousands who don’t quite understand this and think it means having a lawyer already paid for and waiting until they need them. That is not quite the case however! Lawyers work in a variety of ways and there are some types of lawyers who require retainer fees. So, why is this? What does it mean to have a lawyer on retainer?

You Pay an Upfront Fee

With most accident cases and you suing someone there are usually no upfront fees so that lawyers are paid when the job is complete. However, with criminal defense lawyers as well as divorce lawyers, they require upfront fees or a retainer in order to retain their services. This essentially means the lawyer is able to do some work for you which can actually be very good. Paying an upfront fee or a retainer might not sound too appealing to a lot of people but it can actually play a very important role for millions.

Why Lawyers Need A Retainer Fee?

A lawyer will have several consultations with you over the handling of your case and that takes up their valuable time; that is something which they must be reimbursed for. Secondly, the lawyer has to interview potential witnesses or people they may have to call to testify in the case; that again, costs money. Thirdly, lawyers have to research your case and have to look at proving your case. They have to find witnesses to the events, evidence and many things more and they can’t do that without a retainer fee. Remember, some lawyers have to hire outside professionals to find new leads such as private investigators so they have to be paid too. Your retainer fees can go towards paying for some of those expenses.

The opposite of a retainer fee arrangement is the contingency fee charged by most personal injury firms. Here is one example of a firm that charges a contingency fee – https://www.caseyshomolaw.com/

Should You Have A Lawyer On Retainer?

It can be a really good idea to look at hiring a lawyer on retainer when you are facing a legal matter. Why? Well, they can do a lot of good for your case. They can investigate your case further and do what they can to find evidence to disprove the case against you. It’s something which can prove very useful and something you should give a lot of thought and consideration over too. It’s time to think about hiring a lawyer on retainer. They can do so much for your case.


Understand the Concept before Getting Into a Panic

Lots of people seem to think lawyers that work on retainer costs far too much. In a way, it can be very costly to use this type of lawyer but in most cases you won’t find a lawyer willing to wait for payment. Lawyers need a fee to help them do the work they need to for you and while you might not like it, it’s sometimes necessary. However, that doesn’t mean to say you can’t find a lawyer with reasonable rates that you can afford. It’s important to find someone who is affordable for you now and in the future.