Motorcycle Accident Statistics

When we think of motorcycles, we often think of the freedom they give you on the road. However, you may also think about the high fatality rate from which motorcyclists suffer, which is a severe problem for many drivers.

While you might know or have heard that taking certain precautions when on a motorcycle can save your life, the difference something like a helmet can make is staggering. As such, keep in mind these safety tips, which can protect your safety, according to some of the most recent accident statistics.

Driving Without a Helmet is Fatal

While studies have shown that motorcycle helmets can save lives, many riders choose not to wear helmets. In Texas, this is one hundred percent legal, although statistics show that they can make a difference, even though a motorcycle crash may still become fatal.

When wearing a helmet, you have much more protection, since they’re about 37 percent effective in preventing fatalities and 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries. This could mean a longer, healthier life without permanent impairments.

Driving at Night Can Be Dangerous

While you might have reflective stickers and lights attached to your motorcycle, dim or no light makes it even more difficult to see a motorcycle. Worse, drivers often become more drowsy at night, increasing the risk of injury and deaths.

In fact, most Texas accidents occurred after 6 PM, and the number of accidents increases on weekends. This is because more people are out in the evening, without the concern of work the next day, and many of them might have been drinking or staying out later than normal. This all adds up to serious injuries or death for many motorcyclists.

Other Drivers May Not See You

The bad news is, even during the day, other drivers might not take the time to look for you. While motorcycles continue to become more popular, safety does not follow this rise.

In recent years, motorcycle fatalities have grown to account for around 13 percent of all motor vehicle accidents, which is significant, since the number of Texans who use cars outnumber the motorcycle users.

The unfortunate truth is that motorcycles are much smaller than a car, and thus easier to overlook. You may land right in someone’s blind spot, putting you at further risk. Other drivers may also merge into your lane or stop without warning, unaware of where you are.

A Lawyer Can Help

All these can spell disaster for a motorcyclist on the road, and you may have already suffered from a serious accident on your motorcycle. It takes just one mistake, and if any of the above conditions are in effect as well, the chance for injury rises.

If you’re suffering because of someone else’s carelessness, don’t let them get away with it. A lawyer from the Colley Firm, PC, can help you get justice after an accident leaves you injured. You deserve compensation, and by starting with a free consultation with our lawyers, your chances of getting your compensation are better already. To schedule your consultation, give us a call at 1-877-411-2001, or complete the online form below.